Thrive Feed

Would you like to simplify your feeding program? We have!!

I think all horse owners desire vibrant, healthy horses with calm minds and sound bodies, but it all seems so complicated!!!

Our top horses during an Endurance competition.

Our horses each had their own ‘shelf’ with plastic containers of custom-blended supplements. It was time-consuming and a hassle. Plus we were buying multiple feeds and supplements for our herd. Not any more!

We started using ThriveFeed January 2017.

We were skeptical of the claim to see results quickly from changing to ThriveFeed but within in a couple weeks we saw the changes. We made sure to keep everything else the same in our horses’ routine including their work load. Our hard keeper filled out, bellies tightened up, and my horse gained a top-line and a butt!

After a year of using ThriveFeed at home and in Endurance competitions we are still extremely happy with it! After many long talks with Dale Moulton, the formulator and owner of ThriveFeed, we gained a better understanding of the feed and how it came to be. We are so impressed by ThriveFeed and Mr. Moulton that we are now distributors.


What Makes ThriveFeed Different?

It was created using the latest scientific technology, high quality ingredients, and advanced processing applied to ancient secrets of the Eastern World. ThriveFeed promotes 2 key things – stable blood sugar and healthy gut pH.

Thrive feed’s formulation and manufacture centers around supporting a stable blood sugar response and natural, vibrant health. An incredibly important aspect of horse and human health is the maintenance of stable blood sugar and happy gut microbes.

Without stable blood sugar, its difficult if not impossible to have stable digestion, stable mood, stable energy, and stable building and rebuilding of tissue. Metabolic issues are not normal. Without a proper microbial population in the gut it is impossible to have proper digestion and utilization of nutrients.

Thrive Feed is specially produced using a process called Micro Milling.
The process of micro milling creates a meal with a huge surface area. This allows the digestive enzymes, bile salts, bacteria, and protozoa to efficiently convert Thrive Feed into useful nutrients.

The micro milled raw ingredients are conditioned, then steam extruded.
The process of wet steam extrusion processes the raw starch in the ingredients and makes the starch water soluble. This allows the horse’s digestive system to treat Thrive Feed as though it was grass.

This process increases the digestibility dramatically, it’s over 90%. Most of what you feed becomes horse and not poop!

Gut pH support to promote remarkable digestive efficiency.
The hind gut pH of a horse is critical to the efficient utilization of forage grass and hay, a horse’s basic energy source. The most efficient microbial energy converters in a horse’s gut prefer a more alkaline environment, and that is just what Thrive Feed supports. There is no raw starch to ferment into acid and alcohol in the cecum to burn the cecal lining, causing pain and ulcers.

More efficient use of hay and grasses, just the way it should be.
A horse’s gut is most efficient when the intestinal pH is in the correct range. Because Thrive Feed encourages a desirable pH in a horse’s metabolism, the enzymes work efficiently in the small intestine, and the bacteria in the cecum flourish in the more alkaline environment. A more efficient use of grass and hay means less total feed intake in the long term, and that saves you money!

ThriveFeed is made of quality non-GMO ingredients, blended to provide an appropriate equine nutrient profile, and uniquely  processed to aid digestion and preserve nutrients. Feed your horse the way God designed to be fed.

Horses are grass eaters, not fat eaters, they demand a low fat diet to sustain vibrant health. In the years to come you will reap the benefits of feeding nutrition that makes sense to a horse’s digestive system.

If you want to see AMAZING results for your horse with ThriveFeed Contact Us!