Diagnostic Thermography




Have you noticed YOUR horse suffering from any of the following?

    • Decreased Performance
    • Back Pain
    • Unexplained Lameness
    • Stumbling
    • Swollen Joints
    • Behavioral Changes

Stop guessing what may be wrong with your horse and start KNOWING! 

As prey animals, horses are masters at hiding pain which makes it difficult for owners to see masked conditions. While x-rays are helpful in evaluating bony changes in a horse, they do not have the capability to evaluate soft tissue changes.


What if we told you we could perform the following diagnostic exams without ever touching your horse?


 Lameness Localization
 Monitoring of Healing
 Saddle-Fit Evaluation
 Pre-Training Evaluation
 Hoof  Balancing
 Joint inflammation
Pre-Competition Screening


Equine Thermography is a whole horse diagnostic technique. It is fast, portable, safe, non-invasive, and physiologic. This type of thermal imaging allows us to evaluate a horse’s soft tissue – showing areas of increased or decreased circulation, diminished nerve function, and swelling.

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Areas of increased circulation emit more heat which may be due to inflammatory conditions or other injuries. Cooler regions on the body may be due to nerve damage, muscle atrophy, or circulatory disruption.

We have several options for thermography scans available, contact us today and we will discuss a plan for your horse!




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We can tell you what he can’t!