Equine Touch™ Bodywork


The Equine Touch is a non-diagnostic, non-invasive Equine Bodywork system which is a holistic soft tissue approach, effecting mostly connective tissue, muscles and tendons, joint capsules and ligaments using a very specific move.

The first step consists of a series of choreographed, vibrational moves performed gently over precise points on the equine’s body. These could be acu-points, trigger points or sites of common injuries and stimulating these can bring about the relaxation of the soft tissue. Additional, specific areas of concern can be dealt with later.


Utilizing the meridians pathways together with muscles and fascia, The Equine Touch crosses the line between the physical bodywork and an energy modality. It can have the effect of inducing deep relaxation, releasing hypertonic and traumatized muscles, improving muscle tone, encouraging recovery from injury and muscle atrophy, reducing the pain spiral, assisting in detoxification and lymphatic drainage by increasing circulation.

Through The Equine Touch, the horse’s awareness is changed and it is encouraged to rebalance not only physically but also emotionally as the deep relaxation encourages the autonomic nervous system to drop toward repair and renewal.


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