Old Horse, New Life!

One of our clients recently adopted this handsome horse from an owner with a large herd. The previous owner thought the horse was healthy until a few months ago when he got into a bale of hay and colicked. He felt this was the cause of his weight loss.


Tucker was clearly too thin. His new owner had the discernment to realize he was not able to eat properly so she scheduled Tucker for a dental evaluation by Dr. Debra. Examination revealed his mouth was full of sharp edges and severe uneven wear. The poor guy was in pain and unable to chew properly.

Dr. Debra was able to make Tucker comfortable but due to long term lack of proper dental care he has a “broken mouth”. Meaning he has areas with there is very little tooth left so the opposing tooth has nothing to wear or grind against.

He will need to be on mostly mush for the rest of his days as he has so little grinding surface left to properly chew with.


In the top photo there is severe uneven wear. The bottom photo the lower cheek teeth have very little crown above the gum-line.

A  month later Tucker has a new lease on life since his dental with Dr. Debra and his new owner’s excellent care! (And a new job taking care of 2 horse loving little girls!)


Don’t wait until your horse’s mouth is in this condition, Contact us Today for a dental evaluation.