New Lease on Life!

In February, Dr. Debra began treating a horse that she describes as one of the most wonderful horses she has had the privilege of working on! Her name is Sassy, and she is a 26-year-old Missouri Fox Trotter.


She has been Randy’s faithful companion for 23 years! She has been a Maricopa County Mounted Posse horse and traveled up and down many mountains, been a part of search and rescue teams and taken part in crowd control. But she had gotten to where she was really no longer able to do these things.

Sassy had a combination of acute and chronic injury to her right hind leg that had caused a build up of fibrous tissue to where the entire inside of her leg from her udder to her stifle and wrapping around to her gaskin, was affected. She needed fascial release work and acupuncture to free the area up to even begin to do chiropractic work. Dr. Debra placed needles in very sensitive areas on the inside of the horse’s thigh and then used electrical stimulation. Sassy just stood there with her leg relaxed the entire time.

Sassy Electroacupuncture Sideview (1)

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Sassy has willingly accepted everything that was asked of her even with the higher settings needed to stimulate the area. Acupuncture, fascial release methods and chiropractic manipulation.  She allowed Dr. Debra to do whatever necessary to facilitate healing.

Sassy not only had fibrotic myopathy in the right hind leg, her left hock was extremely stiff, her lumbar spine wasn’t moving properly and her neck almost had no flexion! Now both her hind limbs feel normal and flex easily, she has more movement in her spine and her neck is regaining flexion as well.

Sassy’s owner is shocked by the changes he has seen in his horse!

After the initial round of treatments Sassy’s owner called and asked what Dr. Debra had done to his horse… she was motoring down the trails now, being feisty and back to her old self. So much of what he had thought was just her “old age” was really pain and loss of function, both of which were correctable. Sassy had even stopped laying down at night as there were no shavings on her in the morning. Her owner hadn’t really thought of this until, once again, there were shavings in her tail!

Many times symptoms happen gradually so it is natural to think that an older horse is just “slowing down”.

If you have an older faithful horse that you are concerned is coming to the end of their useful life, a full evaluation and alternative therapies may just give them a new lease on life! Contact us today to have your horse benefit from our holistic approach!