Maya’s Miracle Using Special Chiropractic Treatment

Maya is now a beautiful 7 year old American Saddlebred cross that Dr. Debra began treating in February 2014. But previously Maya had lived at a rescue since a year old but never handled. She put up such an aggressive front that everyone was afraid of her.

Maya arrived at the Rescue

Maya at the Rescue

But Renee saw something in her and asked if she could adopt her. So Maya came home to Renee’s. She was overweight with no muscle tone as she had just stood around her whole life and not been handled for 5 years! She had been so aggressive that everyone was afraid to touch her.

Maya had sustained an injury before she was with her new owner. She was never treated since she was labelled so dangerous, just stalled for 6 weeks until the swelling in her left rear cannon bone and pastern went down.

The photo below shows how Maya would stand.

Before treatment stance

Maya’s Stance Before Treatment

Renee began handling and gentling Maya,  then exercising her to develop her muscles. Renee noticed that she was lifting her back legs and rounding her back out sometimes like she was in pain particularly after exercise in the round pen… so she called Dr. Debra for a chiropractic evaluation!

leg lifting 2

Maya with Odd Leg Lift

When Dr. Debra pulled up for the initial visit, Renee greeted her with, “I don’t know what you’ll be able to do with her. I hope I didn’t waste your time by bringing you all the way out here as we still can’t pick her hind feet up.”

Dr. Debra replied, “Well I’m already here, so let’s see what we can do!”


See for yourself in the following pictures from that first visit. Equine Touch™ bodywork, Network Chiropractic and Non-Force Directional Chiropractic were used. These are gentle techniques that also target emotional components of physical problems.

Renee had warned that Maya frequently struck out with her left front foot but she really never offered to do so while being worked on by Dr. Debra.



You can also see in the slide show below from Maya’s first visit, how much she softened up that day. Dr. Debra took everything slow and gentle.



When Dr. Debra came out for her second treatment, Maya was much friendlier and even met her at the gate. Maya has continued to improve each time.

This is where one size does not fit all and why each horse is evaluated as to what they need that day.

Maya Front Leg Check

After a few visits she allowed Dr. Debra to pick up her hind feet. It was the first time anyone had picked up her hind feet successfully.

During Maya’s third treatment, Dr. Debra even lifted her hind limbs to adjust her! What a difference specialized chiropractic treatment can make!

Maya Checking Left Ilium

Maya stands square now and responds quite nicely when things are asked of her. Renee is very pleased with Maya’s progress – “Dr. Debra’s treatment has helped Maya become the horse I always knew she could be. Her increased confidence and trust has been exponential since she started seeing Dr. Debra.”

Look at Maya’s stance now. Then go back and compare it to the first photo of her standing.

Maya standing square 2

Maya Standing Square

Wow, what a difference in just a few treatments!!

 If your horse has been injured or seems to be in pain, contact Dr. Debra for a chiropractic evaluation! Your horse will thank you!