Luna’s Fortuitous Dental

Luna is a miniature horse from Horses Help therapeutic riding center that weighs just under 200 pounds! She is a favorite of children and adults.

Dr. Debra was called out because Luna stopped wanting to eat and had a bad odor in her mouth. She also had lost weight and just didn’t feel well. She was painful on the left side of her face and had a hard lump there.


After sedating Luna and examining her with a speculum in place it was found she had a fractured cheek tooth on the left side!!

Luna Fx Tooth

But thank God for it because the other side of the mouth had a BIGGER problem!!

There was a huge hook boring into Luna’s palate – yikes!!!

Hooks like this that have gone unnoticed and untreated have been known to

lacerate the palatine artery!

Dr. Debra removed the loose fracture fragment on left side, the small rostral hook on the right, and the HUGE caudal hook on the right!

Luna Before and After

That fractured tooth may have saved her life!!

Please be sure and have ALL your equidae, small and large, checked annually by a qualified veterinary equine dentist.


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