LEON – Happy Horse, Happy Rider!

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Meet Leon!!

“LEON, my husband Guy’s equine partner, is a now 17 years old, 17.1 hh British Sport Horse. We imported him from Germany 8 years ago  as a former fox hunter –now he is performing and showing FEI level Dressage.

Leon is a compact, rather short backed horse with tight muscles. Suppleness throughout the back and engagement of the hind are his problem at times. Also, he is a rather “laid-back dude” and shows at times a lack of energy in the arena. Being a big, active horse, he “tweaks” himself here and there.

Dr. Debra has worked on him for many years now and her bodywork, adjustments and acupuncture kept and keeps him on peak performance level.


Regular maintenance appointments assure that everything is in top condition and Leon can be worked without discomfort or pain.
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Happy horse – happy rider! Every time Dr. Debra will find some areas that need to get adjusted – neck, shoulder, hip…. Gosh, what are these guys doing when we are not watching???

Very successful treatment also seems to be the “energy acupuncture” . Dr. Debra puts her needles in certain meridians that busts energy. Leon responds with a much higher energy level, particularly at shows.

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Having high performance horses, we could not keep them happy and sound without Dr. Debra’s healing hands. They are athletes and need therefore to be taken care of as such.
And – of course don’t forget the regular dental care. Don’t think a horse can work to its best when the teeth are causing discomfort.
We consider us blessed to have Dr. Debra’s experience and knowledge in “reading” our horses bodies.
In appreciation,
Scarlett & Guy and Leon”
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