Keeping Animals Safe During Fireworks

Emergencies calls and lost animals abound on the 4th of July due to Fireworks causing horses and pets trying to run from their fears. A day of celebration can turn into a day of anxiety and dread….

But here are some tips to keep your animals safe and calm during the festivities!


Make sure they are in a large turnout area where they have room to move. If they are in a stall or small area they are more likely to hurt themselves when that “fight or flight” instinct is activated.

Lavender Essential Oil- A few drops applied to the poll area and top of nose for a calming effect. 

Rescue Remedy- Given orally and by misting it around their face them prior to and during the fireworks (but not if they are already in a panic, as that would be potentially dangerous for owner and horse both).

White Noise- Turn on a radio in the Barn or area near the horse to help keep the Fireworks sound in the background.

Distraction- Having Hay in a Hay Net or Slow Feeder for a distraction.  – Do Not feed grain or pellets or treats during fireworks as horses have been known to choke on them by bolting them down due to anxiety.

Small Animals (Dogs, cats, etc):

Keep inside with Radio/TV turned up.

Thundershirts work well for any kind of anxiety.

Rescue Remedy flower essence blend can be used topically, misted in the air and put in drinking water.

Lavendar Essential Oil can be put on the paws. Also there are oil blends such as Valor from Young Living that are effective.



If you have more questions about how to keep your animals safe and calm during the fireworks contact us with your questions!