Is Your Horse Not Wanting to go Downhill?

When a normally enthusiastic trail horse is reluctant to go downhill it’s a clue something is wrong physically – so states an aritcle in Equus Febrauary 2016 magazine. Negotiating a hill requires a horse to coordinate many areas of the body. A problem in any of them can cause a horse to balk at going down hill.

It could signal Navicular Syndrome or Ringbone due to the weight shifting to a horse’s heels when going downhill, or neck pain as horse’s use their neck for balance more downhill. Reluctance to go downhill could also be a sign of poor saddle fit causing your horse to be uncomfortable or even painful as it pinches the withers or can even cause trauma to the scapula. Also, a horse that is uncoordinated going downhill could have a neurological condition such as Wobblers Syndrome.

Is your horse having difficulty going downhill? It may be your first clue that there is a problem. Contact us today for an evaluation!

(The above information from Equus February 2016)