Is Your Horse in Pain?

Horse are the ‘great pretenders’ and studies show that an overwhelming percentage of horse owners miss the signs showing that your horse is in pain.  Take this short quiz..


Is Your Horse Suffering From Any of the Following Problems??

☐   Cinchy/Girthy – objects to being saddled, could be saddle fit, chiropractic/musculoskeletal pain or gastric ulcers (all of which we check)

☐   Cold-Backed – being slow to warm up, or acting like they are wanting to buck when first getting going

☐   Behavioral Change – aggressiveness, abnormal tail swishing, bolting

☐   Uncooperative in Work/Training – from just being resistant to bucking

☐   Change in Posture – standing ‘parked out’, standing uphill or downhill

☐   Decrease in Performance – lack of impulsion, loss of speed,

☐   Being ‘Off’ – not necessarily outwardly lame but just not moving right






According to this article from The Horse, most owners miss the signs which indicate equine back pain.

The article cites a study by a French behavior team that found owners, riders, and trainers estimated less than 12% of horses at various equestrian centers had back pain, when in reality, the percentage of these horses suffering from back pain was closer to 50%!


Do any of those symptoms above ring a bell?


Is your horse just ‘not doing right’ but you haven’t noticed any of the above symptoms?

I agree that since horses are stoic it can be difficult to detect back pain based on your horse’s physical symptoms as they hide their pain.

Not only do  I have the methods to promote healing and eliminate pain with my unique, individualized bodywork sessions, I have a secret weapon for diagnosing back pain and its source. This is especially useful in hard to treat cases where the source of the pain must be pinpointed to determine treatment and get your horse on the road to recovery!

Infrared Thermography is a non-invasive, cost effective ‘Whole Horse’  imaging solution that consists of 30 different views that make up a Full Body Scan. Below is just one of those views. Even it ‘says’ a lot.


Can’t figure out why your horse ‘just isn’t right’? Why his performance or demeanor has changed? A Thermal Scan may be just the thing to show you the bigger picture and solve the mystery.

Back - Image Fusion Norman2Back - Image Fusion Norman

Find out what’s going on beneath the surface of your horse that is creating pain.

End the guess work! Contact Us today to schedule a Whole Horse scan.

With such a large number of horses suffering from back pain, it is important that we recognize the symptoms and sources of equine back pain. Then perhaps the margin between perceived and actual back in the horse will narrow and then many more horses can work without pain.

Learn more about thermography and how it can help your horse HERE.