If Your Horse Could Talk..

Would He Tell You He is in Pain?

If You Answer YES to Any of These Questions,

Your Horse May Be Suffering From a Toothache…

Is your horse irritable or evading the bit? Have you found evidence of quidding (wads of hay on the ground)? Has he lost weight recently? Problems collecting him? Lugging in or out? Dunking his hay in water?


If so, your horse may be in pain from a toothache!

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But what if your horse has none of these symptoms but also no professional dental care for the past year? Horses are masters at hiding pain so signs can be subtle to non-existent early on and not obvious until there’s a big problem.

Normal wear of your horse’s teeth causes hooks and sharp points that can lead to cheek gouging, tongue cuts, and even boring holes in the palate – ouch! Loose, broken, or infected teeth or gum disease cause further pain! Keep this from happening to your horse by having regular dental exams every 3-12 months (depending on the horse’s level of sensitivity, level of work, and age) to rule out any of these issues.


Checking Tooth Alignment

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