IET F1 Class



On the weekend of March 19-20, Dr. Debra hosted Tom and Yolanda Mayes of Integrated Equine Therapies for a wonderful, enlightening clinic. The techniques taught were the basics of what Dr. Debra does on a daily basis and they were taught by one of her mentors. The focus was on issues in the front quarters of the horse as these are the main trauma patterns seen. It was a combination of some classroom time and a lot of hands-on demonstration and practice. A lot was packed into 2 days!!


Tom and Yolanda are amazingly gifted practitioners with a heart for horses and their people. Luckily they have family in Flagstaff so they want to keep coming back to Arizona to share what they have learned over the years.

The attendees were a diverse group of horse owners that thoroughly enjoyed the clinic and look forward to the next one! The clinics each are stand alone so there are no prerequisites.


If you missed this one you can still attend the next one scheduled for the first weekend in December.

Visit the Integrated Equine Therapies website for more information!