Hidden Dental Pain

What Might be Hiding in YOUR Horse’s Mouth?



Sedated and relaxed in our dental unit


This horse had yearly veterinary well care for over 15 years but never a proper dental exam. Then her owner contacted Healing Hands Equine to schedule a holistic consultation for the mare’s medical issues. Dental speculum exam is part of our routine exam and care. During the oral exam, Dr. Debra discovered that the mare had long-term imbalances, cupped and worn teeth, plus sharp points causing pain.



Proper ergonomic restraint and safety for dental procedure.

Since she has some chronic medical issues, blood tests were done as part of the diagnostic work-up and to make sure she was okay for sedation. Blood work showed kidney and liver function normal and no other issues that should prevent her from handling the sedation, so she was put on our schedule. The mare responded well to the sedation as seen here. Secure in our ergonomic portable dental unit she is ready for her dental.



Chronic trauma from sharp teeth caused callous formation.


She had a large calloused area in her check from her teeth causing chronic irritation. Like having a swollen sore area in your cheek it is easier to mistakenly bite that area and traumatize it more. Unlike us, horses have to chew in a circle to chew properly making it more difficult to avoid. Try chewing in a circle and you’ll feel it for yourself!

She also had sores in her other cheek but not as severe.

Sharp points were removed and mouth brought back into balance from waves and hooks.

Though we couldn’t make her mouth be as good as if she had regular dental care; she is now feeling good and eating much more comfortably!



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