Helen’s Testimonial

To ensure that Roxy and Diamond are able to be ridden on the trails for years to come, Helen and her horses receive a visit like clockwork every month from Dr. Debra. Here’s what Helen has to say:

“I have had chiropractic and massage treatments for myself for many years, and I know how  much both techniques benefit me and keep me able to ride.  Since we have older horses with various chronic issues, I felt they would also greatly benefit from monthly chiropractic and body work treatments.  These monthly sessions with Dr. Debra help keep them supple, fit and happy.  Additionally, when they have injured themselves, after a session with her, they heal more quickly and their attitude is much improved.  Without Dr. Debra’s treatments, we would have had to retire one mare in particular by now.  Several years ago, she sustained a non-displaced fracture to her left front leg, which finally healed.   She re-injured this leg several months ago and we thought the time had come to retire her.  However, with regular treatments from Dr. Debra, she has come back stronger than ever in a short period of time, and we are once again riding her lightly on the trails.  Thanks to Dr. Debra, we will be able to continue riding our older horses for many years to come.” – Helen Weber