For Mysterious Ailments…

Does your horse have chronic pain in multiple areas? Are you purchasing a horse and want to be sure he is 100% sound?? Have you noticed a decrease in your horse’s performance or a change in behavior that can’t be contributed to any problems you find? Would you like to know how well your horse is recovering from injuries or laminitis?

If you answered, “Yes” to any of these questions but are unable find or narrow down the source of your horse’s problem, there is a non-invasive diagnostic option. Many conditions are difficult to diagnose because they cannot be seen or easily manipulated, such as navicular syndrome and its vascular and nerve damage.


Infection, sprain, strain, or trauma from an injury can cause inflammation which affects circulation to the affected area. With thermal imaging, subtle temperature changes can be detected and your horse’s problems can be addressed.

Thermography allows us to pinpoint the problem so it can be treated appropriately… healing your horse doesn’t need to be a mystery!


Contact Dr. Debra today to schedule a thermal scan and receive a free treatment of the problem areas, up to $200 value!