Fire Safety Plans



Preventing a barn fire disaster requires a much more detailed strategy than just owning a fire extinguisher! Are you prepared to detect a fire in your barn? Do you have a method to suppress the threat and alert the authorities? And most important… what is your plan to evacuate your horses to safety??

Here are some important things to consider when making your fire safety plan:

Is my address posted clearly at the road?
Can my driveway accommodate the fire department’s vehicles?
Is there easy access to all of the water sources on my property?
Do you have “No Smoking” signs posted around your facilities?
Do your stall doors open to the outside of every stall?
Do emergency responders have access to your gate lock or code?
Is your barn area clear of all debris and dead vegetation?
Are fire extinguishers placed at each exit?
Has your electrical wiring been evaluated by a licensed electrician?
Does every horse have a halter and lead rope available in an easily accessible location?
Have you practiced emergency evacuations with your horses?
Do all horses load into a trailer quickly and under any circumstance?
Are your hay and shavings stored at least 50 feet away from the horses?
Are the aisles clear of all hazards?