Equine Craniosacral Therapy

Is Your Horse Experiencing Any of These Issues?
Previous Head Trauma/Pull Backs
Emotional/Behavioral Problems
Lameness – Obscure or Chronic
Fighting the Bit/Collection
Dental Problems
Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ)
Blocked tear ducts
Spinal injuries
Hind end injuries
Chiropractic Treatments not ‘Holding’
Previous Surgery

Before treatment. Penny was also “headshaking” before.


After treatment. Headshaking also completely resolved after only 2 treatments!

Head Trauma is common in horses as well as injury to the brain stem as it exits the skull at the first 2 cervical vertebrae. Horses are impacted daily by various forms of stress and toxins that can cause damage to the brain and spinal cord. High levels of stress from rigorous training, excess vaccinations, toxins in feed, chronic pain and stressful living conditions can cause chronic inflammation in the brain and nervous system which can cause issues such as those listed above.
Would You Like a Gentle yet Profound Treatment Approach?
Dr. Debra can perform therapy using a gentle, highly effective hands-on method to release the stress causing problems in your horse’s body. Craniosacral therapy is safe and the results are immediately visible. It relieves tension, distortions, and pain held in various places in a way no other therapy does. This can greatly improve your horse’s quality of life. Dr. Debra rarely uses this as a stand alone therapy but instead integrates the power of Craniosacral therapy with other forms of manipulative therapy and bodywork taking the effectiveness of treatment to a whole new level for your horse!

Before treament


After treatment

Craniosacral Therapy may hold the key to un-locking your horse’s healing and top performance!
Schedule your horse today to see Equine Craniosacral Therapy benefits for your horse’s performance, health, and attitude!

Beansy loves his treatment so much that he accepts it without a halter and shows Dr. Debra affection while she works!