Equi-Tape for Endurance!

Dr. Debra and her horse, Desi, completed their first endurance race recently.


The ride was at Fort Stanton, NM elevation 6300 feet with several hill climbs, rocky ground, some mud and miles of beautiful scenery.

Not only did the pair finish in 11th place, traveling an average of 9+ miles an hour but they remained healthy throughout the race.

Dr. Debra applied Equi-Tape to Desi after the ride so she could recover quicker. As a result, Desi had NO swelling and NO stiffness!!

Dr. Debra also used Equi-Tape for the 500+ mile trailer ride and during training for faster recovery after some of the more intense training rides. It has worked well in all aspects for Desi to train hard, travel, compete and recover.




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