Death Valley Encounter 2017 – Amazing!

My horse Desi and I recently completed the Death Valley Encounter Endurance ride that took place in California in December.

Desi and I completed over 100 miles in 4 days!

Playboy’s Desert Reign, a.k.a Desi, is a Missouri Fox Trotter mare who had to change roles from the back up pleasure riding and guest horse to the main Endurance horse. Most horses that successfully compete in Endurance riding are Arabians, but when I changed to competing in AERC endurance rides Desi transitioned with me.

Dr. Debra and Desi

She has taken to the sport and loves it as you can see in the photos. Her first full season in 2016 she came in 2nd in the United States and Canada. Then she injured herself in turnout and only completed part of 2017, while I focused my attention on my other mare and did full Endurance with her of 50 miles and up per day.

Dr. Debra and Desi riding with her husband Walt, and his horse Laser

My husband, Walt, and I had trained together some this time and his horse is much faster than Desi so I think that helped her pick up her speed at the ride.

We also changed our feeding program last year to just grass hay and Thrive feed. We do nothing different in our feeding at the ride except offer more Thrive during competition. We have been so impressed by it that we now are distributors for Thrive!



This trip she was unstoppable with 4 days, 4 firsts, 1 Best Condition and the Overall Best Condition Award plus lots of energy to spare at the end of every day. She came in any where from 25 – 55 minutes ahead of the second place horse!

Desi’s Awards for the DVE 2017 Ride

This ride I didn’t feel Desi was up to doing 4 days of hard riding but Walt felt otherwise. I was going to take it easy but my strong-minded mare had other plans. She is very self-preserving so will not over do things. So Walt was right, she was Ready!!!

For more information about our feeding program or how we keep our horses hydrated and electrolyte levels maintained Contact Use Here.