Buckley the Dog

Buckley is one of our canine patients from the Phoenix area. He has regular chiropractic sessions with Dr. Debra that leave him feeling much better!



Buckley’s owner, Wendy, has this to say –

“My English Mastiff puppy, Buckley was having spasms in his back, vomiting, and difficulty eating, drinking or even moving. I took him to my vet and was referred to a neurological specialist as well as an internal medicine specialist … after several months of numerous tests, misdiagnoses and an eventual “exploratory” surgery for a possible abdominal obstruction I was facing the possibility of having to put my puppy down as none of these specialist could figure out what was wrong with him and his tremendous pain was obvious.  Then, I decided to explore alternative medicine and found Dr. Debra. Even though she normally treats horses, she agreed to take Buckley’s case. After just one treatment by Dr. Debra it was obvious that Buckley felt better, started eating normally and was happy again … even “talking” to me which I had missed as he hadn’t in months! Dr. Debra’s love and understanding of animals is obvious in her treatment and in the future, I will be going to her first with any of my animals!”