Another Dental Myth, BUSTED!

Have you ever thought since your horse was maintaining weight that they could forego their regular (every 3-12 months) dental exam?




What if we told you that isn’t true? If you wait until your horse has starts losing weight due to dental problems, there is likely a BIG problem that could have been avoided with timely exams.















It is much easier and less costly in the long run to prevent a problem or correct it in the early stages instead of waiting until the problem causes weight loss.


This mare had no history of weight loss only weight gain issues!


Below is a Photo of Her Mouth


Cheek Callous from Chronic Sharp Points Gouging the Area


Fortunately she only needed all the sharp points removed to have her be comfortable and heal.



This is Luna, she has a very important job, she’s a Therapy Horse.


And this was Luna’s mouth a couple months prior. She was in pain and not eating…. this was one side of her mouth.

Luna Before and After

The other side had a fractured tooth – OUCH!

Waiting too long usually means that the problem can then only be managed by drastic measures like pulling a tooth!

Turbo Teeth Extracted

And if your horse could talk, he would tell you that he really would like to keep all of his teeth!

Contact Dr. Debra today for a dental exam, don’t wait until  your horse is losing weight!