Juano – The Challenging Stallion

Juano is a 22-year-old Costa Rican QH stallion. In his prime he ran 1/4 mile in 18 seconds, which is a record he still holds today. He can still run like the wind. He is very proud, opinionated, and handsome! He was part of Dr. Debra’s group at Leaves and Lizards as he picked one of the guides to ride him. He was extremely well behaved when riding out with the other horses.

The first day he and Dr. Debra got together with the horses, she noticed him looking a bit off in the right hind. She worked on him after that initial session and did find issues in his pelvis as well as his back. She also found him very locked up at the poll and atlas (first vertebra in the neck). She did not do the rest of his neck that evening. Then when her group did ground work sessions she had an opportunity to work with him. He seemed to have gotten away with a lot when worked by the previous person such that when Dr. Debra stepped into the arena with him, being small and female he decided to terrorize her! She literally felt him project fear and anxiety toward her. Then when she asked him to do something he didn’t want to do he charged her full force. She had to use the training stick to back him off her, but she held her ground. She worked with Juano until he was cooperative and then quit.

Here is Juano resting and sleeping after his treatment –


Dr. Debra went back the next week to do more bodywork and finish what had been started with his neck. At first when she approached him he pinned his ears at her and was rude. She explained that she was not there to ride or work him but to help him by doing more for his body. He was still grouchy for about the first 15 minutes, then he relaxed and completely submitted to the work. Dr. Debra was able to get his neck to fully release and he was moving freely.

When she visited him the next day he met her from across the arena with a happy friendly demeanor and followed her around!

 Dr. Debra felt it was a privilege to work on this regal stallion.

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