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  • Equine Chiropractic

    Does Your Horse Have?
    ~ General Decrease in Performance Time or Scores
    ~ Rough/Stiff Gaits
    ~ Cold-backed or Bucking when Ridden
    ~ Resistance to Lateral or Vertical Neck Flexion
    ~ Reluctance to Pick Up or Hold a Canter Lead
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  • Horsemanship Dentistry

    Is YOUR Horse?
    ~ Losing Weight
    ~ Dropping Feed
    ~ Fighting the Bit
    ~ Head Tossing
    ~ Having Unexplained Hind Leg Lameness
    ~ Rearing When Ridden
    ~ Choking
    ~ Getting Mild Recurrent Colic
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  • Acupuncture

    Is YOUR Horse Suffering From?
    ~ Decreased Performance or Lack of Stamina
    ~ Back Pain or Muscular Pain
    ~ GI Ulcers
    ~ Muscle Tear/Trauma or Old Scarring
    ~ Fibrotic Myopathy
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Your horse is an individual so shouldn’t they get an Individualized Treatment Plan?

Offering practical Holistic care delivered with Heart and Horsemanship utilizing: Equine Chiropractic & Osteopathy, Horsemanship Dentistry, Diagnostic Thermography, Nutriceutical Therapy, Chinese and Western Herbs, Acupuncture and Equi-Taping®.

Mobile – so you don’t have to travel!


Practice area includes the greater Phoenix area to Southeastern Arizona. Dr. Debra also travels outside the state and sometimes outside the country to treat horses!!

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Is your horse lacking energy?

Have you suddenly been missing jumps or tipping barrels?

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Has it been a while since you won a ribbon?

Dr. Debra’s Show Tune-Up will get your horse back in the money!!

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*Please note that tune-ups are available only at show/performance venues.

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